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Managing a community sign is a challenging undertaking. From posting about local events, to interesting exchanges with local police, to vegan enthusiasts across the country, Vince and Indian Hills has made an impact of fun and coolness across the entire world. Smiles for Miles is a worthy goal.
Indian Hills

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We have really enjoyed working with the people of Indian Hills who welcomed our daily and weekly sign updates for years and years. We have made fast friends and have developed relationships with our fans all over the world and we are so very grateful for that opportunity.


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Notable Events

What Happened

It all started with an April Fool’s joke...

April 1st, 2013 is when all the fun started! I put a message up on the board that said “Indian Hills annexed by Morrison, slow down!” This message insinuated that the Morrison Police Department had moved into Indian Hills to run one of their famous speed traps in our little town... I put this one up at 6am…. not knowing what to expect! I didn’t have to wait long for my phone to start ringing! The first call was from the Morrison Police… asking what in the world was going on! “People are calling us… angry...wanting to know why we annexed Indian Hills?!” I explained it was in jest.. .just making fun of the revenue generation on Highway 285… Aprils Fools! I’ll pull it down at the end of the day I said…. They replied “Thanks! We just need to know what to tell people when they call us!” The phone rang off and on for the rest of the day… for me and them! It was the best April 1st I’d ever had! And that’s all I needed to go forward with my noble quest!

he vegan sign was a controversial newsmaker

I poke fun at almost everyone (including myself)... and sometimes when I least expect it… things happen to the sign! When I posted about how Turning Vegan Could Be A Big Missed Steak... a Vegan restaurant owner and friend came up to Indian Hills and swapped around our sign letters to say “turning vegan is awesome”. They also decided to steal the remaining letters… which did not sit well with any of us. After messing with the sign and stealing our letters, they identified themselves when they went to a cow pasture a few miles away to pet cows… took pics of the cow petting, and posted them to Facebook... along with the re-done sign pics. I was copied on this about an hour later, and the letter recovery mission was underway! There were many fascinating aspects to this story... My followers blasted the Vegan restaurant for stealing my letters…don’t piss my people off! I was very touched! The letters were returned… with kind of an apology… and they gave me some VooDoo vegan donuts… which were very tasty! Lettuce all learn from this story… :)

People come from all around the world to visit and interact with us!..

I have watched people from all over the world come up to take a pic with the sign! It is a top ten Colorado destination on one Colorado destination site.! I was invited to a wedding in New Zealand last year! My friend Reimer from NZ is an awesome human!... And now married to his Natalie! Sorry I missed it Mate! I believe the sign reaches almost every country on earth! Stats show it is translated into 80+ languages! That is so cool! The sign has made some special memories…Last year I was contacted by a man who asked me a very special question.. Would I put a marriage proposal up for his girlfriend? He was from another state and they had visited previously… and it was such a fun trip that they decided to come back!. My family and I hid in the Community Center to watch it all unfold! They pulled up, and it happened like just out of a MOVIE! Tears flowed from most faces in the group as we celebrated this milestone with them! It was a moment I’ll never forget!


Indian Hills, and the communities around us, have grown to love the sign and tourism has increased significantly… it can help change a bad day into a good one for some while driving by… or scrolling on their social media! Laughter is the best medicine, and our sign is the Doctor!


What do people say about SignPuns?

Jared Nielsen
I'm biased because I'm part of the team but helping communities grow together with lighthearted humor bring joy to my day as well.
Kirsten Rozmiarek
Business Operations
I've seen communities grow stronger, especially during hard times, from something as simple as a daily dose of laughter.

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